Trade Show Emergency Kits

Trade Show, Banner Stands

Trade Show, Banner Stands

Trade shows are insanity. From the planning to the travel and even set up. Pure craziness. Everyone double checks to make sure they have their displays, business cards, handouts and etc. They check their luggage boarding passes, chargers and IDs. The problem lies not where you have everything you can think of when your setting up the booth. Below is a list of items you may want to stash in your trade show go bag:


  • Screw Drivers (Both Phillips and Flat) | You never know when something needs to be tightened down or pried open.
  • Utility Knives (and Extra Blade) | Just in case you need to fix a print or even to open the boxes you shipped to the booth.
  • Tape (Duct, Blue and Banner Tapes) | A universal tool. And we all know duct tape can fix almost anything.
  • Power Supplies (Power Strips and Extension Cords) | You may not always need electrical but some time a light or two in the booth can change how things look.
  • Zip Ties | You never know.
  • Spring Clamps | May need to tighten a graphic on your pop up. (Believe me, we’ve had to do it a couple of times….)


  • Extra Phone and Tablet Chargers | Never hurts to have an extra at the booth.
  • Removable Memory (Flash Drive, External Hard Drive or a DVD) | Store the prints digital files on here, keep them just in case something is messed up in transit.
  • List of Local Large Format Printers | This goes with the memory device. Just in case your prints have an issue, it’s a good idea to know where you can turn in a hurry.


  • Pens, markers, etc. | Pretty much self explanatory.
  • Paper Towels & Glass Cleaner  | Keeping the booth nice is a must!


This isn’t a complete list and every show is different, but its a good starting point for anyone who is a first timer show goer or the seasoned warrior.